Team Registration


Please ensure you scroll down and read this entire page. The link for the online form to register and pay the athletic fee can be found by scrolling down.

There are three requirements that must all be completed PRIOR to being allowed to try out for a team. The directions for completing each requirement are described below. If any of these items are not completed, a student will not be able to try out for the team he/she wishes. As such, please read this entire page very carefully when signing up to ensure you do not miss any important steps.

  1. Register the sport (THIS WILL NOW BE DONE ON FamilyID. (LINK IS BELOW)

  2. Complete the payment form for the athletic fee (Also through FamilyID)

  3. Submit the valid PIAA physical form (must be submitted as a hard copy to the coach, athletic director, or athletic trainer or uploaded to FamilyID)

1. Registration (This will now be done using

The registration packet can be found by clicking HERE. The following forms will appear as part of the registration process and require signatures by parents/guardians AND students:

1) Registration and Emergency Information/Contact Form

2) Expectations and Responsibilities of Athletes and Parents Form

3) Athletic Handbook Acknowledgement Form

4) ImPACT Consent Form (for administering concussion test)

5) Letter from Athletic Trainer (explains procedures for dealing with injuries)

6) PIAA Physical Directions Form (explains what you have to submit via hard copy for the PIAA physical form)

7) Transportation Permission Form

8) Uniform Liability Waiver

HERE is a welcome letter from This will walk you through steps of how to use the platform. If you have any questions about the platform there is a help link at the bottom of the document. If you have any questions about the overall registration process please email Mr. Keenan at

2. Athletic Fee Payment

This money will be used to help pay for the rising costs of running MaST II's athletic program. The fee will be $110 (per student per sport) at the high school level and $80 (per student per sport) at the middle school level. Please note that this is on top of any other fees that are required for particular sports (i.e. cheerleaders that purchase their own bows, sneakers, etc.). Please see this letter from the Athletic Director that fully describes the policies and procedures for how this fee will be handled along with the refund policy (which only pertains to students that do not make the team when it is announced at the beginning of the season). This can now be paid on the registration page using FamilyID.

3. PIAA Physical Form

Please note that the PIAA physical form must still be completed and submitted as a hard copy to the coach, athletic director, or athletic trainer before tryouts begin. With the new registration process, you can upload a document or a picture of the physical on FamilyID. As part of the registration process above, you are prompted to enter an email address where the form will be emailed. Additionally, it can also be found under the "Resources" tab above.